60 seconds with Team7 driver Chris Bridle on life after Karting www.gridmonkey.co.uk met the youngest drivers on the grid with completely different driving styles searching questions…


GM Why did you make the decision to leave karting at the end of last season?

CHRIS I needed to move on and try something new. Karting was fantastic, don’t get me wrong. I’ll miss the close aggressive racing but Jay and Team7racing made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

GM Would you say you have a particular driving style?

CHRIS I would like to say I am smooth with small inputs in the wheel however if I need to hustle it it’s not a problem.

GM Have you so far picked up anything for your driving style from driving a funcup car?

CHRIS I would say the karting helped massively with this aspect because I understand how a vehicle behaves at high speed and the smooth driving is beneficial.

GM Are you nervous about giving a car its debut on the test track or is there too much to think about?

CHRIS The nerves haven’t really affected me at all yet just testing but I’m sure the morning of the first race the nerves will be their but you just get on with it.

GM Karting was good for you. What did you take away from that?

CHRIS Yeah loved the karting learnt proper racing nose to tail and working with people, team mates in qualifying and even with a non-team mate in a race if you need to push each other to catch a group in front. So the team aspect defiantly but also out right racing.

GM What are you hoping for from funcup 2017?

CHRIS My first year of car racing so just going to take it as it comes but would like to see us in the top 10 most races. A massive grid this year with quality drivers so we would be satisfied with that.  A trophy wouldn’t go a miss though.

GM What has been your best race to date?

CHRIS My first ever win would have to be my best race to date, started 3rd and after turn one was first then led the race start to finish in the rain and lapped some of the grid.

GM We have seen lately that you don’t take defeat without emotion. What forces are working within you when you get beaten?

CHRIS More that I have let myself down especially when you know you have the pace but don’t finish the job off but that’s racing.

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