On Saturday 8th September, the Bridle brothers will compete in a 4 hour race around Brands Hatch!

One of the world’s most iconic sporting venues, Brands Hatch plays host to a multitude of prestigious motorsport events on both two and four wheels. A natural amphitheatre offering unrivalled views of the action from various vantage points, Brands Hatch is known as Britain’s best loved motor racing circuit. And you can also experience it for yourself with a renowned programme of driving experiences and trackdays on offer. For more info visit http://www.brandshatch.co.uk/


Yessssss, we’re up for more wheel-wheel action this weekend!

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    When it comes to thrills, anticipation and atmosphere, it was all there at Brands Hatch this weekend. As team sponsors, I was really looking forward to watching this hometown race. On a hot and very sunny afternoon, Amber 195 went balls out!

    Starting from the back of the grid, I thought the race was lost just after turn#1 when their vw funcup car had a collision with another driver on lap#1. But the pit crew worked miracles and drivers Chris D, Chris B and Ed B fought back hard to stay in the race and bag some valuable points!

    As a fan of motor racing, this was as a unique perspective onto Europe’s leading endurance championship. The race commentary was brilliant and the hospitality staff were amazing too.
    If you’re a race fan or a sponsor who couldn’t be there, you can catch race highlights on TV http://funcup.co.uk/media/tv-airing-times/

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    ‪#funcup is on!! #thebridlebrothers‬ – it’s been wheel-to-wheel action since go! Thrilling weekend and it’s not over yet!

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    #QOTD That wind you can feel is me breathing down your neck. Next time, I’ll have you – Rush 🏁 #thebridlebrothers @Brands_Hatch #Enduro today. The chase is on!!