GM You are one of the youngest drivers on the grid, has your age affected you’re driving?

ED Personally for me my age only motivates me to become as fast as I can because I believe I have a lot to prove coming from karting into such a competitive grid.

GM Who are your racing influences and idols?

ED Ouch! There are so many, but Max Verstappen has to be up there for his impressive driving style and his overtaking ability. Mad skills!

GM Have you so far picked up anything for your driving style from driving a funcup car?

ED I’ve found that in funcup you have to be able to drive aggressively to muscle the car around but also smoothly as it’s all about keeping your momentum up.

GM How about pressure?

ED It’s a team sport so whenever I have a bad weekend I don’t just let myself down but my team mates, mechanics, sponsors and the fans too!

GM Are you nervous about giving a car its debut on the test track or is there too much to think about?

ED I am not nervous at all just extremely excited to start racing and perform at the best of my abilities.

GM Karting was good for you. What did you take away from that?

ED Karting was a brilliant step before cars it teaches you all the basics in motorsport. The biggest thing in karting was how close and aggressive it is and how 1 mistake can lose you 4 places in a corner and also the team work and relationships you need with team members to have success.

GM What are you hoping for from funcup 2017?

ED As this will be my first year in car racing for me it’s about learning all the tracks and learning as much as possible, hopefully we get some very good results along the way. Funcup has such a competitive grid and it’s so difficult to predict how I will do.

GM What has been your best race to date?

ED My best race to date has to be starting 36th out of 36 at PFI kart track in the pouring rain and in a 8 lap race I managed to gain 24 places and finish 12th.


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